Saturday, 29 January 2011

INVedit (Works for BETA) - NEW version

Please Read...
This Above is the INVedit Download, which works for Beta And Includes every single type of block in the game. As you may know, the previous post contains the older versions. This is because the older version can change the environment e.t.c. This Download Cant. The Only reason why I recommend you downloading this is because this contains every single type of block in the game, the old version only has blocks up to Alpha 0.9. To compare this, 0.9 doesnt even have clay.

Remember, this is completely free and legal.

In Order for the download to work, you need to download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (Free)

Further down the page you should see this from the link at the top you should see this:
Dowload: Click me! (Mirror) (Mirror2)

Yes Note they spelt Download wrong. Anyway, simply click "Click Me".

Here is a step to step guide on how to download this.
  1. Firstly, Download the two downloads.
  2. Now, extract and replace the files onto your desktop (or somewhere you would like to).
  3. Once it is in your desktop, open the file up and double click INVedit file.
  4. It may go straight to INVedit.exe, which is what you want. If it doesnt, there should be a second file which again says INVedit. In there, is INVedit.exe.*
  5. Open it up and it should come up with an empty box with a list with some images showing you the blocks! From here, it's plain sailing!
  6. If you are use to MineEdit (0.9), you will notice you will have to open it by File > Open > Quick Open >World (1 -5). In INVedit, the open icon is simply at the top. It is important you click the Downward Arrow next to the open, not the open icon (i will show you below), otherwise it would generally open your whole computer. If you click the downard arrow, click which world you want, and then it will load. 
  7. Now you can drag and drop your desired items into your box. Change the count from 1 to 255 and you can also change the damage on tools (e.g a shovel). 
  8. If you change the damage on a shovel to -32657 (the lowest you can go), it means you have MORE uses with it. Similar to MineEdit (read the MineEdit post) except that went to -600. 
  9. There should be a Save Icon at the top as well. Click the Downward arrow next to the save icon, otherwise like the open icon, it will generally save somewhere else onto your computer. By clicking the downard arrow, the list of worlds you have appear. Depending which world you opened (e.g World 4) you save it into World 4. 

                                                                    Click on INVedit.

    Open it up and this may appear. Click the Folder.

    Click INVedit.exe.

    Click the downward arrow next to Open.

    Select the world you wish to Open.
    Sorry if it isnt clear enough. From here, click one of the blocks on the right hand side.

    Now highlight the box you wish to put your block in.

     Now Drag and drop into your box and you can change the number of blocks you want.

    Here you can check for updates!

    Now click the downward arrow and Click Save! I opened world 2 so i save it on world 2. 

    And the process worked! I have 64 Lapis Lazuli, like i told the computer to!

    Any problems please comment..

    Recommend you to use a computer.

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